Innovative technical fabrics that meet the needs of everyday life and are recognized as synonymous with the quality and excellence of products made in Italy.

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Breathable – the fabric’s honeycomb construction allows air to circulate between the fibres.


Wrinkle-free – the lightweight, resistant construction minimises creases and ensures minimal space is taken in the wardrobe or suitcase. Ideal for travel.


Extra comfort – a special knitting technique creates three-dimensional elasticity that allows for perfect freedom of movement.


Sun shield – the fabric filters out the sun's rays, providing maximum UV protection.


Easy Care – fabrics made to last, quick and easy to look after with low environmental impact.


Originally intended for lingerie and swimsuits, we began using this material in the early 1990s. With the creation of S.P.Q.R.CITY, we responded to the growing need for a different, more comfortable kind of clothing by using sport fabrics; better suited to everyday use.


A close collaboration between the manufacturer and the designers ensued. The development of bonded fabric, using a special technique to combine two layers of fabrics, allowed us to create structured jackets, pants and dresses for the city, embodying our principles of "Fit / Form / Function". No need for hems, the seams can be heat-sealed.

Sensitive® Fabrics by Eurojersey


Eurojersey is an environmentally-friendly company, committed to increasing productivity and efficiency whilst reducing emissions, energy consumption, water and waste.

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